Breeze 2020 Postponement

The Breeze Art and Makers Fair 2020 at Trereife, Penzance, 11-13 September 2020, will be postponed until September 2021.

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Ann Bruford Ann Bruford Jewellery + more

Breeze Art and Makers Fair 2020 brings together artists at the forefront of their craft with a community of conscientious consumers dedicated to supporting handmade and advancing the creative economy. All artists display exceptional quality, innovation, and dedication to their craft.

Jo Verity Jo Verity Mixed Media + more
Jackie Loves Clogs Jackie Loves Clogs Footwear + more
Takahashi McGil Woodworker + more
oB Wear oB Wear Fashion + more
Our Fairs feature hundreds of makers, interactive elements, our favorite locales, artisanal food and libations, great music, and good times.
11-13 Sept 2020 Trereife House. Penzance