Dear Artists, Makers & Supporters,

We wanted to let you know that we have decided not to proceed with Breeze Art & Makers Fair, Trereife, for now.

With a recession in the offing, the economy will struggle, resulting in  fewer sales and the country’s overall economic output will decline. 

The set-up costs are prohibitive as the increase in the price levels of goods and services rises, and to pass on large increases in stand fees to the exhibitors and increase entrance fees for visitors seems a stretch too far. The company’s financial resources come directly from the Director, whilst we have some reserves, the CIC has not received aid from sector support organisations during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Breeze Art & Makers Community Interest Company, has been active in the meantime, setting up a Summer Breeze Market on the Penzance Promenade in the summer of 2021 which, when the weather allowed, was a great success in terms of visitors and sales. 

We are keeping all options open and will let you know of events in good time, when we have decided on the best way forward.

Please keep creating –  illuminating our inner lives and enriching our world with art & culture.

Best Wishes 
Samme Charlesworth, Director 
Breeze Art & Makers CIC