Sculpture Exhibition in the Parterre Garden and Upper Border. Design, making and fine art often fuse together in sculpture. To make sculpture, a high level of craft expertise and an understanding of materials is required. ‘Form and Formality II’ exhibition aims to show the skills of these creative maker-artists. They think, draw, make collages, maquettes and conjure forms out of their imagination.  Along the way, there are many practical considerations and periods of problem-solving; so the sculpture emerges as part of this process.We have selected works made of materials that are less traditional in garden sculpture, notably: glass, metal, wood and ceramic. All of these materials illuminate a place in the garden in a unique way. As the day goes on and the shadows move; as the seasons change and with that the plants and dappled shade that surrounds them, so each sculpture takes on a different aspect. They can be moved of course to animate different parts of the garden depending on the light and season.

Anna Rennie - Artisan Silversmith sculpture + more
Ruth Moilliet sculpture + more
Tamsyn Trevorrow Ceramic Sculptures ceramics + more
Chilliglass by Penny Carter glass + more
Carl Austin Furniture furniture + more
Mary Butcher Baskets basketry + more
Michael Chaikin sculpture + more