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Discover Making Day 2019

Breeze Art and Makers Fair CIC has a mission to get young people to explore the possibilities of training and a career in design and craft.

Glass Glamour

As part of Breeze Art and Makers Fair, Fiaz Elson, artist and sculptor, has curated an exhibition of contemporary glass artists in the UK. The aim of the 'Glass Glamour' exhibition is to focus on work that encompasses innovation and originality. The selected artists showing, encapsulate an expansion of techniques developed over many years of making and still developing; mixed with recent graduates. This contributes to a colourful exhibition that combines new concepts and working methods.

Form & Formality

The parterre garden opposite the lovely Queen Anne facade of Trereife house reflects an age when it was the fashion to control nature. The trees and parkscape ends and a design of clipped low hedges and gravel paths impose a man-made order. This formality makes an interesting environment for our selected artists work, particularly where it contrasts with the variety and vigour of the upper border.

Discover Making Day

Discover Making Day has been brought to students  by the support of The Arts Society, Patricia Fay Memorial Fund, Cornwall College and Truro & Penwith College, Hereford College of Arts, The Leach Pottery and Breeze Art and Makers CIC.

Textile Treasure

'Persuading people to enjoy and appreciate contemporary textiles is a long journey that requires fortitude.'

Form & Formality II

Sculpture Exhibition in the Parterre Garden and Upper Border. Design, making and fine art often fuse together in sculpture. To make sculpture, a high level of craft expertise and an understanding of materials is required.
11-13 Sept 2020 Trereife House. Penzance