Green Cumbrian Slate with letter carving

at work 2018

Cumbrian Green Slate with letter carving

Commissions apart, the stones are usually quarry ‘finds’ from which I will select interesting shapes and colours; slates, sandstones or limestones. In turn, the stone will influence the words, usually ‘borrowed’, sometimes my own; then the hours on paper of designing letters to work with the space. The greatest influence on my creative work, and my well-being, is the sea and I'm naturally drawn to the Cumbrian green Slate. ‘The Running Tide’, words by Masefield, is such a piece. I am passionate about Handmade and to make marks I need no more than a pencil and a hammer and chisels for carving. It is important to me that meaning is conveyed using as few words as possible, in an original design and sympathetic material. The standing stone was designed to be placed in a border and the words are beginning to sprout!

Detail of “Seedtime and Harvest” by Catherine Aspray