Installation wreath exhibited at Figgy Dowdy's well a flooed quarry at Carn Marth near St day as part of Signs and Wonders

Installation piece part of Signs and Wonders and exhibited at Figgy Dowd's well at Can Marth near St Day

Clare is an artist who has invested a lot of creative time in her immediate surroundings. Her time as artist in residence at St. Day and Carharrack Community School for many years meant working alongside the curriculum to help inspire and enhance creative approaches to learning. The Day-light Group was founded by Clare in 2010 with fellow local artist Kim Pilgrim as a result of a series of site-specific art exhibitions in and around the village of St. Day. Alongside designing and creating large-scale images, she projects manages and co-ordinates outdoor celebratory events which combine music, theatre, projected animation and illuminated installations. As a founding member, Clare has been working with the ARTiculate Artists throughout her time in Cornwall and being part of the group has played a significant and supportive role in what she has been able to achieve. She has been involved in all of the ARTiculate projects, including events on Scilly and in Italy.