Sarah Cooling - Ceramics

Vanessa Penrose

Amy Trevorrow

The highly qualified lecturing staff are all practising specialists within their own fields of art and design. We operate industry-standard workshops using the latest equipment and expertise. Our interdisciplinary approach allows a student to keep an open mind about materials and methods, and to develop their own specialised skills within specific art and design specialisms, creating a unique approach to their own practice. As a student on the course you will have the opportunity to gain experience in collaboration, communication, creative enterprise, design, digital media, image making, installation, animation, materials innovation, textiles, ceramics, metals, new technologies, furniture making, model-making, mark making, plastics, print, professional practice, public art, and film. Including work by Jo Reed, Sarah Cooling, Carol Weir, Jo Tyrrel, Amy Trevorrow, Vanessa Penrose Cat Eddy and Marcus Mattei

Jo Tyrell Ceramics