ND Lights - made with Woolarch

Woolarch Chair

Woolarch fibre - part of Chair

Woolarch is an experimental material, comprising of wool fibre and potato starch, which has been developed to utilise the strength, biodegradability and economy of these underused resources. In 2017, I was motivated to combat the overuse of synthetic materials used for everyday products, thus reducing the detrimental impacts they can have on the environment and depletion of resources. I explored the potential alternatives focusing on locally sourced natural materials within the UK. The process of producing Woolarch consists of different stages, firstly, wool preparation (washing/ carding/ chopping), material compound mixing, moulding and finally dehumidifying. As a result of this process and by altering the ingredient’s ratio quantities, I can produce a wool-based material that has a range of properties from soft/flexible to rigid/dense, which is compostable and can be combined with plant-based natural dyes to provide a variety of colours. Inspired by organic imperfections and its unique properties, this exhibit shows Woolarch in a variety of applications such as a furniture, lighting and its potential to be used in day to day life.