Georgie Phipps Covercle Parteree 1 and2 Hand built ceramic

With a background in Book Arts and Sculpture, I have developed my ideas through experiential installations.  This involved many site-specific projects in churches and green spaces; eventually documenting the work turned into the work itself, hence the focus on artists’ books.  I have made the manhole cover into a book in a sense, because it has a cover with a title and a narrative within - my reflection at the bottom of the drain or well.   A lull in my practice whilst settling in Cornwall and having a child has given me a chance to take a step back and cast a more critical eye on how I focus my practice.  I believe an important part of critical thinking is involved in the making process; this has become a crucial part of how I develop my concepts.  Working with clay has enabled me to realise my ideas in a tangible way.  My practice allows me to return to themes discovered as a teenager when I discovered a fascination with maps and the London Underground.   Recently, I have been developing sculptural ideas relating to pipes. This has involved making over a hundred interconnecting miniature pipes out of porcelain and suspending them from above.

Well Grill Ceramic