Akiko Harai - Huge Tsubo Jar

Gallery Director Ylenia and assistants Amanda Ray and James Barry are on hand daily, along with highly respected art expert Michael Hunt who has held the position of manager at the New Craftsman for over 50 years. Historically one of the most important spaces for 20th century artists in St Ives, the gallery supported the early careers of figures such as Peter Lanyon, Bryan Winter, Patrick Heron and Wilhelmina Barns-Graham and continues to show original paintings by both emerging and established Cornish artists alongside a varied range of contemporary crafts including glass, automata, wood, handmade jewellery, ceramic sculptures and metalwork. New Craftsman has curated an exhibition for Breeze of the work of Adrian Mitchell, Jack Doherty (tableware), Rowena Brown, Ellie Williams, David Pearce, Akiko Hirai, Adam Buick, Neil Davies, Lucie Bray and Matthew Chambers.